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Link Roundup

I browse the internet a lot. No, I don’t think you understand. A LOT. So I run across a lot of cool stuff. Here’s some of it. If not for the viewing pleasure of the 2 people that accidentally clicked on a link to this page, then at least so that I can come back… Read more

Testing… Test… Is this Blog thing on?


I’m alive! I know, I know, I’ve been horrible with keeping this blog updated. But hopefully that will change here. I’ll try and post an update at least once a week. I’ll make it one of my OKR‘s for this quarter. (We’re trying them out at Invexi) Updates today include a revamp of the portfolio… Read more

Link Roundup – May 2013

Link Roundup

Throughout the day I browse a lot of web design sites and articles. Some I stumble across, others I get in newsletters, and I get a bunch sent to me by co-workers and friends. I always say one of the best characteristics a person can have is the drive to keep learning. That’s one of… Read more

How to Write Posts People Will Read (Part II)


Author’s Note: This is Part II of this particular post. For How to Write Posts People Will Read (Part I) click here. The Evolution of Search Engine Optimization Alright, so you’ve written a great post, the most interesting article that anyone will ever read. You’ve taken the time to lay it out just so, picked… Read more

How To Write Posts People Will Read (Part I)


It’s the eternal question really: How do I get people to read my blog? Now, there are multiple answers to this question but the simple reality is that you can’t force people to read your blog. Well, you could go the whole Clockwork Orange route and hold people’s eyes open while commanding them to read your blog…. Read more