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Graphic Design

Red Falcon Web Marketing

Red Falcon is a Web Marketing company that mostly deals with Lawyers. They do everything from websites to business cards to pay-per-click campaigns. I do a lot of work for... Read More »


Stchd is a blog about fashion. It's a pet project of one of our writers at Invexi. I don't really know anything at all about fashion so I'll keep my... Read More »

Modern Thrill

Modern Thrill was the first blog that we created for our writers at Invexi to write whatever they wanted. It's had it's ups and downs but overall it's a pretty... Read More »

Words By Nerds

Originally Words by Nerds was a side-project at Invexi. It has since spun off into it's own company. The focus is more on Web Marketing rather than Web Development. Sometimes... Read More »