Tie Dye Yogi

Tie Dye Yogi is a pretty cool idea. Joseph, the owner, has mastered the art of Tie-Dye. He has taken this art and applied it to yoga wear. He does all of these pieces himself by hand. Joseph is so good at it that he can create a unique tie-dye design and reproduce it multiple times, all by hand. It’s pretty impressive.

Joseph’s original site was pretty bad. Well, not “bad” so much as outdated. It looked like a geocities site. It honestly wasn’t hurting his business all that much though because he wasn’t using it for anything. He instead was using his etsy site. And we really couldn’t blame him. Etsy makes updating your store and handling payments so simple. So rather than try and replace his etsy site we decided to complement it.

As well as redoing Joseph’s site I took a crack at creating an identity for him. He didn’t really have a logo. His online presence was fractured into all these seemingly unrelated designs. The lotus features pretty heavily in yoga iconography so that ended up being the basis for the logo. Rather than go with some bland text-only design I created something recognizable, unique, and custom.

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