Jeff Putnam

Downtown Phoenix Journal

Downtown Phoenix Journal (DPJ) is the best source for people go to find out what’s going on in Downtown Phoenix. It’s written by Downtown advocates and residents and directed towards downtown residents and visitors that want to see the “real” downtown.

DPJ cam to Invexi 2 years ago wanting a complete redesign of their site. At that point that was the largest undertaking that we’d ever taken on. DPJ has literally thousands of posts. And that doesn’t include their wiki, the “Live Here” section (which contains an up to date MLS system), and the various Author and Category archives.

We updated DPJ to a modern design focusing more on images. The design holds up well even 2 years later. We’ll be making some more updates to this site as the year goes on as they move to stay ahead of the curve.

We also moved to monetize their site. Rather than use adsense to pull in random ads DPJ wanted a system where they would sell ads on their own so that they could control the content, design and type of the ads.

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