Jeff Putnam

Arizona Association of REALTORS®

This was (and probably still is) the largest undertaking I’ve… undertaken. The Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) is kind of a big deal. They may be a non-profit but their annual budget still registers in the millions.

AAR presented me with a new challenge: their user-base is much older and less technologically savvy than I am used to dealing with. They have users with Internet Explorer 6. IE8 still makes up about 6% of their monthly visits. On top of that, AAR wanted a responsive website. And on top of that we migrated their entire 3000+ page website over to a WordPress install. By hand. Well, by keyboard and mouse, but you get the idea.

We met directly with AAR leadership to work out the design of their new website. They were an active part of the discussion. This was the first project that I was lead on so it was trial by fire.