Jeff Putnam

Link Roundup – May 2013

Throughout the day I browse a lot of web design sites and articles. Some I stumble across, others I get in newsletters, and I get a bunch sent to me by co-workers and friends.

I always say one of the best characteristics a person can have is the drive to keep learning. That’s one of the reasons that I spend some time each day browsing blogs.

So here is a list of some of the best / most interesting things I’ve found over the past month.

How To Keep Up To Date On Front-End Technologies

A great collection of blogs to read, twitter users to follow, newsletters to subscribe to and podcasts.

Designing Blogs For Readers

A great article on designing blogs that are meant to be read. It seems like we too often overlook making blogs easy on the eyes, and not in a figurative sense.


Increase your productivity at work by playing the ambient sounds of a coffee shop in the background.

Retro Vectors

I love vectors. And I love retro art. So this site is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Open Device Labs: Why Should We Care?

This makes me want to start up an open device lab here in Phoenix.

Typographic Design Patterns & Practices: Case Study 2013

A really interesting read about changes in typography over time as it relates to web design.

New Defaults In Web Design

An article examining some of the new default things web designers have to keep in mind. Remember when we were still designing for IE7 as a main browser? shudder

Getting To The Bottom Of Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling seems to be one of those new trends that is here to stay. But is it a good thing? Depends…

Tips & Tricks for Print Style Sheets

Ah yes… the often over-looked print style sheet. Here’s a tip, don’t try and print my site :P