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Just Noise to Me

Just Noise to Me is an EDM focused blog. I don’t really know anything about EDM, but I do know websites!

No I did not develop this site, but I do have some cool things on here that you should definitely check out.


Invexi is the company that I work for. I’m in charge of branding for everything, from the website to business cards to social media accounts.

Artlink Phoenix

Artlink is one of the oldest 501-C-3 non-profits in Downtown Phoenix. These are the minds originally behind the First Friday artwalk that has become a cultural staple of Phoenix.

Y Race Phoenix

The Lincoln Family Y has run this race for close to 50 years! Since 2012 I have been on website design duty.

Words By Nerds

Originally Words by Nerds was a side-project at Invexi. It has since spun off into it’s own company. The focus is more on Web Marketing rather than Web Development. Sometimes my design work falls under Invexi, sometimes it falls under Words by Nerds.

Downtown Phoenix Journal

Downtown Phoenix Journal (DPJ) is the best source for people go to find out what’s going on in Downtown Phoenix.

Arizona Association of Realtors

This was (and probably still is) the largest undertaking I’ve undertaken at Invexi. The Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) is kind of a big deal. They may be a non-profit but their annual budget still registers in the millions.

Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, PLC

Burns, Nickerson & Taylor were looking for a much more modern look to their website. Elements that they were looking for included: the american flag, a darker color scheme, and a high conversion rate on calls.

Tie Dye Yogi

Tie Dye Yogi owner Joseph has mastered the art of Tie-Dye. He has taken this art and applied it to yoga wear.

DC Dental Goup

DC Dental Group owns and operates 10 or so dental locations in the Phoenix metro area.

Buy the Y

When the Lincoln Family Y in Downtown Phoenix recently underwent some renovations they wanted to sell off parts of their old gym floor.

Modern Thrill

Modern Thrill was the first blog that we created for our writers at Invexi to write whatever they wanted.

Red Falcon Web Marketing

Red Falcon is a Web Marketing company that mostly deals with Lawyers. They do everything from websites to business cards to pay-per-click campaigns.


Stchd is a blog about fashion. It’s a pet project of one of our writers at Invexi.

Dumpster Face

The idea of Dumpster Face is this: If you have a dumpster on your property because of remodeling, construction, whatever, then you might as well take advantage of the real-estate that dumpster provides and throw a sign up on it.